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Indian Coins: Indo-Hephthalites

The Huna (also known as Chionites) consisted of central Asian hordes in four cardinal directions. Northern Huna were the Black Huns, southern Huna were the Red Huns, Eastern Huna were the Celestial Huns, and Western Huna were the White Huns.

This article mainly concerns the Alchon and their Indo-Hephthalites ruling-elite. The latter seem to have been part of the Hephthalite group, who established themselves in what is now Afghanistan and Pakistan by the first half of the fifth century, with their capital at Bamiyan. They sometimes call themselves "Hono" on their coins, but it seems that they are similar to the Huns who invaded the Western world.

They originated in Northwestern India and parts of eastern Iran. During their invasion, the Hunas managed to capture the Sassanian king Peroz I, and exchanged him for a ransom. They used the coins of the ransom to counter mark and copy them, thereby initiating a coinage inspired from Sassanian designs.

The Bhishma Parva of the Mahabharata, supposed to have been edited around the 4th or 5th century, in one of its verses, mentions the Hunas with the Parasikas and other Mlechha tribes of the northwest including the Yavanas, Chinas, Kambojas, Darunas, Sukritvahas, Kulatthas etc. According to Dr V. A. Smith, the verse is reminiscent of the period when the Hunas first came into contact with the Sassanian dynasty of Persia .

Indo-Hephthalites,  indian coins, coinage india, numismatics, indian numismatics, buy sell indian, ancient indian coinage, history, photographs, articles, resources, books, guides, free lessons, free courses Coin: Billon drachm of the Hephthalite King Napki Malka (Afghanistan/ Gandhara, c. 475-576)

Coin depics Obv: Napki Malka type bust, winged headdress with bull head in the center. Pahlavi legend "NAPKI MALKA". Rev: Zoroastrian fire altar with attendants either side. Sun wheel, or possibly eight-spoked Buddhist Dharmacakra, above left. Based on the design of the Sassanid coinage but a little barbarous.

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